Esmie's Corner


We’ve all heard that the eyes are windows to the soul…

Did you know they’re also maps of your physical health? Healthy eyes reflect healthy bodies and healthy bodies make for happy people. Our founders created Eyes and Body Vitamins with your happiness in mind. So, while our supplements focus on the eyes, they’re also designed to revitalize the whole body toward the prevention of disease. Just remember, like any supplement, Eyes and Body Vitamins should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle. Check out some tips below!

  1. Eat a well-rounded breakfast made from fresh wholesome ingredients
  2. Consider white meat or fish (wild salmon or sardines). Wild Salmon has the equivalent to Omega-3 fatty acids which is good for your brain and heart, If you do not like fish, consider our fabulous Omega-3 DHA. Limit red meat to twice per week, at most.
  3. Include green leafy greens, like spinach, with ever meals
  4. Always avoid deep fried and processed foods
  5. Snack on raw almonds! 9 a day keep the doctor away.
  6. Follow a simple exercise regimen daily. It doesn’t have to be strenuous – just a 30-minute walk is sufficient.
  7. Indulge your craving for high quality dark chocolate. It’s everyone’s favorite antioxidant!
  8. Or maybe you prefer red wine? Doctor recommends a glass a night!
  9. Get plenty of sun! It’s one of our greatest free sources of Vitamin D. But make sure you limit exposure and always wear UV protection.
  10. Avoid smoking
  11. Learn from your food and listen to your body! Check out nature’s own health chart below.